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The pets section in the character builder.

Pets are characters you are able to select from the character catagory, "pets". Currently there is onlt 2 pets: A dog and a cat.


The pet characters are really simple, with no patterns. The cat is a bright orange, and the dog is a chestnut-brown. You are able to change their colors in the comic builder, in the same location where you can change their poses.


People, for obvious reasons, use them as pets. People have became really creative as to what they use them for. Users has used them for many things such as horses, moose, and even made character heads for their dog then used the body. It is also common for people to use them for wild wolves.

The "you don't have permission" catEdit

During the summer of 2011, people who remixed a comic created by someone who wasn't on their friend's list found themselves looking at a cat with a speech bubble saying "sorry, you don't have permission to edit ths strip." Many users found the cat really annoying, some even remixing it and giving the poor cat a violent end. Eventually, people remixed a comic containing the cat enough times that it turned into a meme, where that cat would say something such as "sorry, you don't have permission to _____". It, like other memes, died down eventually.

For more information on this vile cat, see it's very own page here.

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The cat.


  • Along with Sticky, the pets have no character profile.
  • Unless using a glitch or covering up the body, there is no way to hide to legitmately a pet's body. Same goes for sticky.
  • Unlike Sticky, you can make them squint, blink, close thier eyes, et cetera.
  • You cannot use pets in the scene builder.

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