The image for the unnamed remix challenge.

Ever go on the front page and wonder "What the fuck is that black thing with white dots?"? Well, this is it.

Basic overviewEdit

When you make a comic for the unnamed Remix Challenge, it will give you the
MF0Z1 751K

The Core Matrix logo you are given at the start.

Core Matrix (a company supporting Bitstrips) logo in a back background. It is up to you on what to make. The most popular one is Boommike's, which is a cell with the Logitech logo splitting up. Some mentionable ones are Pacman, the evolution of Ba, and Ba's peanut-like shape.


  • Technically, it is the longest running Design Challenge, being on the frontpage since 2009, and ending on June 12, 2013.
  • It is the only challenge that was featured as it's own instead of as one of another challenge.
  • During the earlier development, it was going to be a TotD. This was later changed to Remix Challenge for unknown reasons.

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