A common sign of a troll, remixed comics are comics that are usually flagged as spam because they were remixed from someone else and changed very little.

How do I know if a comic is remixed?Edit

Sometimes it's obvious if a comic is remixed: It looks almost exactly like the original, and if the remixer is, lazy, doesn't care, or is trying to annoy you, it will say "remix of". However, a troll may be clever and remove the "remix of".

How do I prevent my own comics from being remixed?Edit

Simple: make them private. How you do this is, in the publish section, put them to "Nobody but me" on the remixable section. This prevents others from remixing your comics. If you have too many comics to do so, then you either take the risk or take your time of locking them all.

How do I deal with it?Edit

If you do know it's a remix, flag it as "Spam" and message the person it was remixed from. Don't comment on it, that only encourages the remixer.

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